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Eric Nolan of The O’Jays

Mar 14, 20161 Comment

In these segments, we talk to Eric Nolan, 1/3 of The O’Jays and solo artist, about his new record label (Boy Wonder Records) and latest

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Carolyn Dorfman Dance

Mar 14, 2016No Comments

Carolyn Dorfman Dance has been delighting audiences with their high energy and compelling style of dance for over 30 years. In anticipation of their NJPAC

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Scott Stoner, APAP

Mar 14, 2016No Comments

In these segments, we talk to Scott Stoner of the Association of Performing Arts Presenters about their mission and the current state of art and

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Franke Previte

Mar 14, 2016No Comments

♫♪ “I’ve had the time of my life – No I never felt this way before – Yes I swear it’s the truth – And

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Michael Moschen, Juggler & Creative Me...

Mar 14, 2016No Comments

World renowned juggler, acrobat, performer and inventor, Michael Moschen, has amazed audiences for over 30 years. Now, he’s teaching a new generation to tap into

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Jay Alders, Fine Artist

Mar 14, 2016No Comments

We stop into SeaZen Art Gallery & Experience in Belmar to check out some pieces by the Jersey Shore’s preeminent surf artist and designer, Jay

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Mike Duffy’s Personal Training

Mar 14, 2016No Comments

Fitness expert and original “Mr. Rutgers”, Mike Duffy, talks to us about his personal training studio in Oakhurst, holistic dieting & exercise and how he

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New Jersey City University

Mar 14, 2016No Comments

In these segments, we hear from New Jersey City University administrators, President Sue Henderson & Business School Dean Bernie McSherry, about this impressive university in

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Morristown Mayor Tim Dougherty

Mar 14, 2016No Comments

Mayor Timothy Dougherty tells us all about Morristown from The Green, a public park that sit in the center of this growing and vibrant North