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Hazel Clark

Nov 08, 2016No Comments

For this segment, Hazel “Peachy” Clark, the youngest member of the historic Clark Family, at the NJCU Speaker Series “A Conversation with The Clarks”. Peachy


Joetta Clark Diggs

Nov 08, 2016No Comments

For this segment, we’re talking to a true Jersey Icon, Joetta Clark Diggs of the historic Clark Family of runners, at the NJCU Speaker Series


James Fiorentino

Nov 08, 2016No Comments

On this edition of this is Jersey, we have the pleasure of talking with renowned painter, illustrator, and NJ native, James Fiorentino. James has has


Walk to Washington

Nov 08, 2016No Comments

In this edition, we speak to elected officials and New Jersey leaders as they board the train to Washington at Newark Penn Station.


Hometown Heroes

Nov 08, 2016No Comments

Founder and CEO, Michael Schwartz tells us about his amazing non-profit, Hometown Heroes, and how it’s bringing together the less fortunate and the heroes in